49. How to Fold Your Clothes Better To Fit More Clothes in The Same Space


I'll just say upright, I don't fully agree with Kon Mari's way to fold your clothes. If you compare the space available and the number of clothes you can put in, the Kon Mari's way needs more space to fit in the same amount of clothes.

I like to do it this way:

This is the same for underwear, sweater, and tank top. For trousers, I like to fold it so that the mid line on both legs come together. This way, you still keep the sleek look after ironing, while folding it nicely. You don't have to fold three ways vertically for pants and socks because you can just insert the end to the cuff right away. Then, I choose to hang all bras rather than fold them.

I understand that using smaller fold can result to a firmer fold, but smaller fold occupies more space. For that reason, I use a wider fold, so one clothes can fit in less space (read: thinner fold). You just need to pile the clothes, not line them up.

Notice that I slip the end fold inward; if you slam that clothes fold to the floor, it will still stay that way. Just pick it up, and put it on the pile again nicely.


48. Have Fun Picking The Signature Fragrance of Yours



A very nice fragrance for perfume / body lotion would be one that makes everybody feels they can't get enough of you.

The smell must be adorable. I choose a combination of strawberry-grapefruit smell for my lipstick, so when I use it, everybody, I mean everybody, wants to kiss me so badly. Imagine what would happen if it is your perfume / body lotion.

As there are so many fragrances, I suggest to sniff a bit of coffee to neutralise your olfactory sensor before moving to another option.


47. Can We Braid All Hairs? So Everything is Neat and Tidy, Not Out of Place – We Might Accidentally Pinch Ourselves


Do you shave? I don't.

It's just more efficient, in terms of energy, time and money. God gives everyone of us hairs at our private areas, what's not to like? It's there for a purpose.


Underarm hairs are there to help absorb any excess sweat. Hairs under there serve as a guard, so boys need to go through the bushes, trees, even fight with the dragons in order to reach us.

This sounds more like Rapunzel story.
I guess the author gets the idea from this parable.
I wonder what his wife looks like

Don't hate me for my hairs, boys
Let me give you love, boys

Hate me for a reason,
Let the reason not be hairs


46. Perfume vs Deodorant vs Body Lotion


I never use perfume.

If you use perfume or deodorant instead, try not using any for a day. You'd see a very big difference with the odour. This is where you'd get addicted to a perfume / deodorant. Hence, I use body lotion.

There are so many body lotions out there, with so many variants. Pick a body lotion that can protect your skin against the sun. SPF 15 is insufficient, so you'd have to go for at least SPF 70 UVA / UVB.

I'm not sure if you want to change your skin, but picking a water based body lotion won't harm you. I mean, you don't want to see your skins get rejuvenated, or moisturised, and those previously non-existent acne emerges without reason, right?

That is so silly

45. Undershirt Can Also Hide Your Underarm Hairs; That Is If You Don't Shave


I suggest to wear undershirt, especially for button front shirt.


During the day, you might bent your waist to the left / right, and the shirt wrinkles adjusting your movement. That's when your shirt puffs out showing your skin through the gap in between the buttons. Then, it's free show for everyone in the room. Some people might fish and lure you to turn your upper body repeatedly, so they could see your stomach, your chest, your private parts more clearly.

Now, if you wear undershirt (plain undershirt), the free show is cancelled and nobody would try peeking at your shirt ever again. You've made your statement and boundaries. Commoners'd normally understand (read: Some perverted shy guys who fancy you secretly might not understand, and they might start planning strategies so you'd play along with their trick, but mind you, these guys are definitely NOT IN LOVE with you. They just love the attention everybody will give).

Keep at it persistently and make it a habit, so you are safe at all times.

44. Things To Remember When Using Face Powder


Face powder can hold dirt from sticking on your face, and prevent dust from even slipping through your face pores.

However, please remember to use cleansing milk every time you wash your face. If you don't cleanse your face thoroughly, acne starts to show up and give you a real hard time.


43. Look Natural Confidently


Wash your face before sleep every night. Using make up everyday can block your skin from breathing; you'd get older faster.

I didn't ask you to go out with a naked face, but at least apply some moisturiser and sunscreen, or just the sunscreen will do. This is very light and simple, removing unnecessary fuss in the morning. You look natural the whole day, pretty and confident.

Say what? Lipstick or blush on? I don't really use them even to a party. If you must, scratch your own lips a little with your teeth to get a slight colour. Also, you can pinch or slap your cheeks to get a slight natural pink colour that's both natural and adorable.


42. I Love My Original Skin Colour And Ready To Live Alone For It


Do you wish to have lighter skin colour, or darker skin colour?

I'm confident about myself; God created me so unique that I won't change a thing. Changing skins just to win friends, or to gain recognition among societies may benefit us in some way, but they're all fake.

There was this story about a guy who married a beautiful girl. It turned out that this beautiful girl underwent plastic surgeries before. Their children were all very ugly. Plastic surgeries don't change DNAs, and finally, the guy filed for divorce. This girl must live as a widow for her entire life, and a court case of love deception waiting for her.

It's really your choice to end up with injection addiction like Michael Jackson.

I prefer to be ignorant, live happily and die peacefully, to a painful life guarded by physicians 24/7. I am fine if everybody finds that I am that ugly duckling, that they'd leave me alone for the rest of my life. I'd have a short, quiet life some people can't have. Furthermore, my haters won't increase by the end of my time.


41. Why Worry About Your Hair Turning Grey?


What if my hair greys out?

Let it go. It's natural. It signifies wisdom.
Hair dye causes skin to slowly turn red overtime. It also causes hair cells to weaken so the color can stay longer.

If you like to have pure, virgin hair, don't dye them.
Your hairstylists know the difference.


40. Haircut For You #6 - Rectangle Face (End)


Rectangle faced person are normally a hardworking and focused person. Most people with rectangle face shape would also keep their bangs, to cover that firm edge on the top part of the face. Their hairstyles might be similar to the square faced person, but with the addition of mandatory bangs.


39. Haircut For You #5 - Diamond Face


Diamond faced person have a lot in their minds, and often seem to be indecisive. Try to keep your bangs to boost your confidence.