75. Good Lookin' Boss Just Chillin'


Two coloured tone for the shirt gives a touch of softness and pretty looking.

I would wear this shirt to a family picnic, which normally requires a lot of activities.

The colour matches the sunlight too. You won't get the same look when you wear this shirt at night.

White always complements your skin (of any colours).

If the short sleeves reach my elbows, I think I might want to consider wearing this shirt.

I don't wear whites that often because white is a fragile colour.

It gets dirty easily, and when the detergent isn't right, the colour wears off and it becomes yellowish white or light gray, which is surely a different colour.

Plain shirt is simple. Red is a great colour too.

Pair it with jeans (short or long), and you're good to go anywhere, anytime.

This striped shirt is simple. I can also wear it during daylight.

It gives out a sense of calm and soft and gentle.

The colour of this shirt is soft but firm. It shows elegance in a unique way.

However, I'd always prefer to go for symmetrical print, because I like to keep everything neat and in order. Missing a pattern in either side gives me an itch.

I love this shirt the most.

The colour gives a cheerful look, very bright and extravagant.

I might wear this shirt to office too, with either jeans or any pair of trousers.

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74. She Chose Brown


Article reference:
Look of The Day: GIGI HADID

She was stunning with this printed dress. She was relaxed, yet still looked sophisticated with the dress. I'd do something with the hair, and used a different bag, but I'd definitely copy her look.

Her shoes were flat, so I'd probably try to use those slippers... I still prefer sneakers though. It's neat and won't show too much details of the legs (like feet fingers, I meant toes and stuff).

I wonder how she managed to match the printed dress with brown slippers. I could've used white, or green slippers, but brown somehow seems better.

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73. Printed Shirt to Cheer The Day


Article reference:
Look of The Day: ANNE HATHAWAY

She used one colour tone, but her top was a printed shirt with the same colour tone.

If the top is of complex print, you can't complete it with a bottom having different print of matching colour, or of the same colour for that matter. What if you use plain orange shirt instead? I don't think you'll make a fine statement. It's orange, it's bright, it's captivating. Yet, you use plain shirt to finish. You kinda miss the climax intentionally without logical reasons.

Now, what if you use a plain different matching colour instead, like black? Maybe, just maybe, it's going to look better, but you might need a shawl / jacket / huge necklace to accessorise your look.

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72. Blue!


I like blue. You use light blue colour during interview to make a statement that you're trustworthy. You also use blue and / or green colour for elderlies to represent wisdom, confidence, truth, faith... heaven. Its calming nature brings positive effect.

I love her dress, it's classy and timeless. She's gorgeous.

Surely, my fixed look would be not to use high heels, so I'd use white sneakers. I guess wearing blue sneakers won't nail it. The white colour must be of more or less the same amount with the blue colour. My next question would be which kind of two colours? Do you think she'd look dashing when she used dark blue and light blue? Or dark blue and black?

I guess for now I would settle with a combination of dark and light colour as my two-colour strategy.

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71. Simply Neat and Elegant


Article reference:
Look of The Day: KATE BOSWORTH

I like how she tied her hair.

She looked well groomed and very neat, clothes reflected high end style, without giving too much blink-blink to emphasise things.

She's neat, elegant, yet humble (not showing off that it looks arrogant). If you see her look, notice that she wasn't wearing bracelets nor necklaces, nor watches. She looked plain and simple, yet elegant in a sense. She also looked stylish, without showing too much skin. She went long-sleeves too.

The touch of boots were a nice addition, but I think, I won't copy the boots though. I guess I'd prefer to wear flat shoes, or sneakers (like Taylor Swift). All in all, I'd also wear boots (of different kind of course) if I were her.

Psst, she only used two colours in her look too...

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70. Lesson Learned: Not to Use Too Many Colours in One Look


Article reference:
Look of The Day: AMAL CLOONEY

She looked elegant.

I couldn't figure out the exact design of the shirt, but a plain black shirt has always been my favourite. Actually, plain middle-sleeves shirt of any colours.

I never thought combining it with a geometrical print pants would be a good match. If you notice, she only used two colours for the look; black and brown, which made it more sophisticated.

I didn't like the shiny touch on the jacket, so I'd replace it with a brown leather jacket. You can replace the shoes with a black pair, but I think you'd ruin the colour order. Black was supposed to be on top (including the bag), and brown should be on below.

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69. Not My Kind of Summer Skirt, It's My Kind of Skirt For All Seasons


I'd prefer this midi skirt because the print looks foreign and pink. It really gives a touch of kimono to the skirt.

Midi skirt isn't too short that it shows too much skin, and not too long that the skirt sweeps the floor, just the right size.

This midi skirt shows off my flat belly. I'd feel proud to wear this skirt after a very tight diet plan.

I may also put my phones and wallet in the front pockets too when I feel my confidence level is at peak. Otherwise, I can just rest my hands for a while in the pockets to emphasise my flat belly.

The floral print in this skirt gives a unique statement. The white flowers print is rare, since it can mean that it's not coloured properly.

I'd use this skirt to show that I'm a carefree person, and ready to fill my white flowers with your colours.

I love the colour and the ribbon accent on waist. I'd place the ribbon on my front-right waist, or on my back, for a more unique touch to my style.

I can use many different colours for my top, so the skirt can compliment my top, or be the focus of my look that day.

This skirt is very convenient. There are side pockets where I can go bag-less everywhere.

I imagine I can wear this on any occasions too; from a relaxed hang outs, or office luncheon events, given the right shoes.

This skirt is also very convenient and one of my favourites among the six midi skirts here.

The colour is complimenting the skin of any colours, besides giving a professional look to wear daily to the office.

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68. Be Gracious to Me for I Have Sinned



I beg your pardon. I don't feel good.

I won't remove the posts, but instead of criticising everybody, and become public enemies, I'll show you several of my choices (or possible options) considering my limited physique.

67. Predicting The Future Through Wedding Ring


There might be a big mole in the marriage.

Look! Look! Look! A pointy one, too!

There's a reason why we use a ring for weddings. It means that our love knows no end, because a ring is of circle in shape and there's no way to know the end point.

This one looks like a snake, the love may be a confusing one, and there's an end to it. We might as well just end it here without marriage.

The love was very flowery, and you'll see a lot of threesomes, and foursomes.

I thought this was supposed to be a one-to-one relationship?!


Moles everywhere?

One mole is big and pink?


Like, not enough signal or something?

I'm at lost here, will you cut communication after we got married? Like, why?

It feels like you only want something, and after we [you know], you'd just go away... So cold and lonely here. Please, don't.

I meant don't marry me. I feel sorry for myself that I know you.

Seriously, jaggies?

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66. Introducing Banshee with Medusa Hair


Selena looks different here. She looks a bit pale, like a banshee with Medusa hair. Looking different with make up is a good thing; it means that the make up artist is successful in making up the face (either to look prettier, or not).

I also feel (yes, feel, I'm saving myself here) that she's pregnant here. The dress is too loose for her, and the "two mountains" weren't guarded properly too.

This is a fail moment.
Look at the other guys on the background.
They ignored her, haha

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65. Me Two Mountains Need To Be Proud (Humbly Of Course)


I still need the straps.
Bra is supposed to push the "two mountains" up, not supporting and letting them flow nicely.
Without straps, my "two mountains" lay too low. With straps, my "two mountains" proudly presents.

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64. Wanna Know My Shield? Carton Box


Heavy on the neck !!!

The bullies will know the exact place to pinch playfully !!!
I normally wear shield inside. Now I can't anymore.


I'm not IT !!!

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63. What's Missing: Jessica Chastain


If I were to copy Jessica Chastain's look:
  1. I want to braid my hair
    Jessica Chastain's hair is too plain

  2. I'd also like a necklace and a bracelet / wrist watch

  3. I'll definitely use long-sleeves undershirt for this clothes.
    I'm used to middle-sleeves / long-sleeves
    Furthermore, I'm a non-shaver person

  4. If I have the freedom to make modifications, I'll ask the designer to make it middle-sleeves.

  5. Not liking the boots, so I would go with other shoes.
    ANY other shoes. You give me the options, I choose.
    I'm not a designer.

  6. Maybe a bag? I notice it's missing a bag.
    There should be at least a mobile phone
    I need to blog with my phone [wink]

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62. I Was Expecting Man's Suites


She said, "Let's fight. Here. Now. You and Me. C'mon."

I answered, "Let's not. You look shiny, I can't see you. I'm only the Black Pete. World Peace."

She said, "I hate you to drag me here. I was in the shower!!! I haven't even ironed my dress!!!"

I answered, "The show is about to start, you sleepy head!!!"

She said, "Hahaha, I made it. Hahaha"

I answered, "Oh, you're just drunk, you think you're a broken angel. Look at your furs... You're a mess."

She said, "I'm bathing, then my phone rang, then I came out of the bathroom to get the phone. Then I am suddenly here. Let's just pose instead. There, camera."

I answered nothing.

She said, "I'm here to represent all the fire fighters in the world. They are our hero! Cheers!!!"

I said, "... yea, never mind..."

She said, "I've always had a bad taste in fashion before. How about this one, is this okay?"

I answered, "mmm... What is that protruding from your stomach? You don't have to explain. I'm good."


"Just curious though, are you a male, by any chance?"

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