104. Sneakers By Jimmy Choo



This great sneakers are available in many colours, but I think the navy blue colour is the best. Grey colour might be great but it's lighter and stains easily. The navy blue colour is unique in its elegant way.

There are printed stars on the shoes, and they are blinking as you ride the wind with the shoes.

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103. From Asian to Middle Eastern With Style


The late Azzedine Alaïa was born in Tunisia, and his designs started to make a mark in 1980. He passed away in 2017 but his 2018 winter collection was great.

He used Chinese knot buttons with combination of Middle-Eastern prints on the dress, which makes the dress looks unique. He also applied zipper on the chest, so it's easier to wear the dress, and the neck line is flowery too.

You know what I'm gonna say next, it has long sleeves, and high neck line. The skirt was at knee length, so I might use it with slim fit jeans, or leggings to cover my hairy legs. There's no way I'm gonna unzip the chest part, but you can if you want to (just sayin' that it's also an option).

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102. Going To Zac Posen



Picked out a couple of suits from Zac Posen. It's nice to see a middle-sleeves jacket, combined with turtle neck long sleeves. I can raise my hands up high without worrying the sleeves might become short sleeves.

Besides, I'm not sure if this is allowed, but going to work in culottes might be an option for a laid back offices.

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101. The Pretty Long Sleeves Flared Dress


I'm not sure what to say, but I fell in love the minute I saw this dress. It's dark olive green, it has unique way of wearing the belt, it's long sleeves, and it has crew neck.

I'd wear boots, cross-body bag, a nice necktie / bow scarf, and a hat. I'm ready to hang out !!!

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100. Shopping At Karl Lagerfeld


Capri jeans with style. Too cute to miss!

Buying it on sale, and look great because you have one of a kind jeans, a designer jeans.

Wearing the same jeans accidentally at an event? Shame on you!

Blue, chic, and convenient!

Why convenient? Well, you can just wear the shoes without having to tie laces.

Simple, quick, and ready in no time!


It's long, so naughty boys won't get a chance to peek at your bare back waist when you bend. Talking about winning the teasing game...

Moreover, it's not sleeveless, which makes it even more fancier!

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99. Visiting Marc Jacobs


The city lights blink from afar. The shirt looks like sparkly dress we use for special occasions. Well, I don't like sparkles because it might ruin my appearance when some of the sparkles fall off or whatever accidents that make it doesn't sparkle anymore.

However, this blouse isn't shiny when you look closer. Sparkly outfits are harder to maintain, harder to iron, harder to wash. You need extra work to keep that sparkle. Besides, it's too bright that it feels like I get too much attention being too sparkly. After all, I'm not a fairy I don't need fairy dust.

Thanks to Marc Jacobs because I can now wear "sparkly" blouse to office, whenever I feel sparkly inside.

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98. How To Be French



Every women wants to be married, and regarded as wife material, not just a mere go to person when men need romantic consolation. One way to do it with style is to copy these French country girls.

If you notice, they wear leggings, with socks and shoes to complete the look. They also wear midi skirt, and they don't show their legs. The one on the right even use stylish mittens too.

I know that this look is so winter, but it's neat and shows the nice girl that you are. I even wear socks at home all the time. I'll just change the socks to wool ones come winter.

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97. Us, Lovable Ones


I also like bow ties, and here are several reasons you should like it too...

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96. Be Manly, Take Over The World


I always like neckties. Here's several reasons why.

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95. Perfect in Pink


I don't think I can wear the high heels. However, I like the pink outfit. It's long sleeves, it's also long pants, with a touch of style on the neck and waist.

If I feel like the sleeves or the pants too long, I can simply roll them up and look stylish all the same. Moreover, she only uses belt and earrings to accessorise her look.


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94. Durable Swim Trunks


The colour is unique, and doesn't get dirty easily.

In addition, there is a small pocket there, so we can take important keys or precious things to the pool.

Black matches any colour in general. Wearing black can give impression that you're thinner than you look with other colour pants.

Water adds weight to the pants, swim trunks with rubber waistband tends to become saggy pants underwater.

A mix of two colours waist tie pants gives flexibility to the wearer. Becoming fatter, or thinner isn't an issue anymore, because he can adjust the waist easily.

I think this is the best swim trunk of all three swim trunks displayed here.

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93. Fresh Idea to Go Swimming with Style


She used long jacket as cover up. I think it's a nice idea, it's uncommon (unique), and it doesn't reveal too much of her asset. I think that having a bit of mystery is another way of being sexy.

I don't think that you'll get people attracted to you, by opening everything for everyone to see. You'll be boring in no time. You just have to hide most parts, to let people get curious, and to let people feel that they can't get enough of you. Ever.

That's what makes you beautiful

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92. Touch It With Gold


I love how she also rolls up her sleeves this time. Moreover, her gold belt brought elegance to her look.

Gold stripes bring elegance, gold buckle in a belt brings elegance, gold frame in glasses brings elegance, everything becomes elegant with gold. A touch of gold can mean a touch of elegance.

Don't ask me why gold, or why elegance. Some things are better left unexplained.

Be careful though, too much of gold doesn't mean elegance, it's tacky.

Me, don't like.
You, how should I know?!

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91. Priyanka Chopra: Trendsetter Look


I love how she uses her jumpsuit. She rolls up her sleeves for style, I roll up my sleeves for convenience. Rolled-up sleeves makes working so much easier as the sleeves won't get dirty easily and ruin our look for the day (especially when we wear light coloured jumpsuit). Furthermore, when we need to wash our hands, we won't have to worry the sleeves might get wet.

For her green jumpsuit, I might add golden belt, or use white-striped ribbons / tassels on the cuffs, just to give a little accent to the clothes. In addition, I might braid my hair, just to get a younger look. I prefer girly look to mature look because I want to look young forever even if I'm 80 years old.

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90. The New Level of Mix and Match


When your trousers is too old, the upper inner seam gets thinner. Priyanka showed us one way to keep using your favourite trousers by combining it with a matching short skirt. She trimmed the short skirt diagonally, and looked trendier than ever.

That might be a new pants that she bought from her favourite store,
but the idea of combining pants and skirt is interesting.

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