4. About Hat

I rarely use umbrella.
Baseball capfor drizzle, and rain suitfor storm.

That is why, I hate this trucker hat type:

However, I guess this chilote cap should be alright for drizzle:

3. Engagement Ring


An engagement ring is meant to ask a girl to commit her life for you.

The ring should tie both of you together.
The ring should knot your life together.

-- Love -- Love -- Love --

2. Boots Are Dangerous

Girls, do you have a boyfriend? Do you stalk him? Do you also stalk you ex?

Now, stalking or playing detective is no easy business. You have to be quick, alert, and ready to run.

Using boot for stalking makes it difficult to take off when you have to tiptoe in a house. Moreover, when you need to flee. It is impossible to put on your boots first before running away. That's just out of the question.

Use regular flat shoes. Simpler. Faster. Better.


1. Middle Sleeves



Long sleeves troubles you doing activities, like washing dishes, washing hands, or cooking. Short sleeves exposes your arm skin to the sun.

Showing off only works for our life partner in bed. Trust me, no matter the circumstances, showing everything (read: naked) does not solve your issue. Hiding everything makes you more mysterious, more sexy, and awakens curiosities. If you can manage it well, you are a diamond.