15. Looking Great All The Time


Try choosing a perfume.
You smell everything and before long, you lose your sense.
The same goes with your sense of style.

Don't buy too many clothes / fashion items.
Buy only the necessaries; just enough to go through the days.
Refrain from shopping when you have enough items.

Throw one, get one.
You only need seven pairs of clothes for everyday of the week, one bag, one hat, one shoes, one sandals

You can only have items that are fit for all occasions.
Never buy any clothes for specific occasions, like Christmas, New Year, etc.
Use red and green pairs to match the colour of Christmas. Make do with all you have in the closet.

Plan to mix-match, so you wouldn't buy odd items, unless you want to wear them everyday in every occasions. You do not buy clothes that often, and your sense of style doesn't get rusty.

In the end when you see yourself in the mirror, you won't feel like a walking-trash.

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