22. The Meaning Behind Eye-wear Frame Colours


I use gold frame for my glasses.

Gold frame signifies elegance; bling-bling yet classy, stand out yet humble.

Brown frame signifies uniqueness

Black frame signifies nerdiness

Red, Yellow, Green signifies playfulness. I find them a bit overbearing.


21. Why You Have to Change Your Wardrobe Periodically


Try changing your wardrobe periodically, like every five years or so.

Here's why:
  1. Good practice to give away and donate your clothes to others.
  2. Keep in touch (notice: not keep up to date [understand why]) with the latest fashion items
  3. Refresh the colours of your wardrobe, as colours tend to fade overtime
Let's go see something nice...

20. Which Do You Choose: Skirt vs Pants?


I prefer pants to skirt.


If you are on the top floor, looking down from the balcony, using skirt, people from below can see your legs. Also, if it is windy, using skirt won't help you much, as the wind will blow your skirt up.

My friends used to play pull-up-skirt; a game where you pull another people's skirt up and run away. The winner is the one who pull up skirt the most without ever getting captured. The scary part is, the game doesn't end for as long as you wear skirt.


Consequently, nobody would wear skirts in my crowd. I don't think wearing skirt becomes comfortable for me anymore. My inner thighs get blistered all over when I try to walk using skirt too. It gets too troublesome.

--- Pants Era ---


19. The Meaning of Colour Tone on Your Make Up


Pink. #MyKindOfColour.
Pink makes you look young, innocent, cute, fresh and healthy.

Red / Maroon / Burgundy. #ForLaterWhenIAm50
Red makes you look sexy and bold.

Orange / Brown. #NotInterested
Orange makes you look older.

Fuchsia. #DontThinkSo
I don't know. It's just not the colour for my make up. I just think it makes me look cheap.


18. The Best Earrings for You


I prefer huggy earrings to stud earrings.

Wearing stud earrings; they come off easily. They come off when you take off your helmet, change your shirt,... Even when you did nothing to them, they decided to auto-loosen up and come off. Also, you need to clean them from your body waste, sticking at the studs. Often removing the earring studs for cleaning is unsafe, as sometimes you may forgot where you've put them. Hence, it is less durable than huggy earrings.

I wear huggy earrings, never take them off, and they stay with me all the time. I never have to worry about earrings anymore.

I am pretty all the time and I know it.
I don't need no mirror's opinions.