26. Look Boss, I Deserve Promotion


Going to office means we ought to dress professionally. No casual attires, not too much bling-blings, no pyjamas too. This is to create a fine impression and build our professional image towards a bright career advancement.

Starting a career as a designer is no exception. We must look great, and at the same time introduce our design style to the world. Sure, we are free to express ourselves in our CV profile photo, we get to dress artistically to the office. Just bear in mind that we draw our own career into the way we represent ourselves in front of others.
That much attention
That much pressure
The tension is high my heart's beating faster

25. Just The Right Kind of Shopping Bag, Simple and Convenient, The Kind to Carry Everywhere You Go


You don't even feel you carry the bag. That way, you are free to run around without needing to hold the bag in the right place.

In addition, you have to bring that umbrella, that pen, that notebook, that wallet, that tissue, those phones, that phone charger. All of them are what we call the necessaries.

Now, with this bag, I guess we can change that umbrella to just baseball cap or just beanie. Then, the rest would fit just right into the bag. It's like a traditional pouch where I can hang on my waist, so it's good.

Do you fancy?

24. Naturally Bracelet, Not Too Shiny, Not Too Dull, Just Enough to Show Off Humbly


Showing off with your bracelet?

I guess diamond is too much for daily use. Using this bracelet below might attract attention, but not to steal it, as it is actually a plain bracelet. You bought the design, not the jewels, and that's one way of showing off humbly.

Let's hang out with the rich people today?