30. Hairclip From Shower To Shower



I don't understand why all the other girls / women play around with their hairs, even though they tie their hairs. They failed to tie them properly, so the hairs started to loosen up by midday. Then, they have to go to the toilet to fix the ties / clips. I love to tie my hairs so tight, so my hairs never fall out of place and I won't have to redo my hairs all over again in the toilet by midday.

I always come pretty just after I get out of the shower in the morning, up until I get into the shower in the evening where I take off my hairpins in the shower with the doors closed.

I am pretty
I am pure
I am neat and tidy
I am decent
How about you?
Meh, everybody has a reason

29. Organize Your Laundry Bags for More Durable Wardrobe


Separate your laundry to different bags:
  • White fabrics
  • Colorful fabrics
  • Pants
  • Stretched fabrics
  • Underwears
  • Bras
  • Shoes
  • Socks

  • Have one bag each for male's and female's

This way, the pants will be more durable, because the fabric materials doesn't get worn out so easily, especially in the upper inner thigh section.

Don't forget to put everything in the laundry bags, and wash them collectively; female shirts altogether in one go, pants (trousers and short pants) altogether in one go, etc.

Alternatively, to make it simpler, separate each of the pieces in different laundry bags, and put them altogether in a washing machine for one person's laundry, or female-only laundries. Then continue with male-only laundries.


28. Wrist Watch To Be Proud Of, To Cherish, To Spend The Rest of My Life Wearing


Smart watch - highly customizable
Great design
Two-Tone colour

No battery - chargeable
Chain straps, good for sport activities
Easily swap straps

So Me

23. Being Proud of the Socks


Soccer socks are the best. They cover my legs. They are warm. They won't reveal my legs accidentally.


Just, why did you want to see my legs again? Are you in love with me because of my physical appearance or my personality?

shshshshst, no talking. I don't want you already. I want someone whom I can talk to, who would love me because of my personality. I can get old, wrinkly and shabby and cranky all the time. But, if you love me, you won't complain and deal with them like a cool dude. If you love me, you would always think I am beautiful no matter how ruined my body / face would be when I am over 100 of age.

I don't want your "YES I DO" now.
I don't want your "YES I DO" 100 years later.
I want your "YES I DO" now and forever and ever.

Darling, this is too fast. Please bear with me, and I will love you for who you are.
Me: This is a start. If you fail from the beginning, what's the point in proceeding to the next step?
OKAY, Now and Forever, I will be... YOUR MAN
Me: I still won't show you my legs, my man. I've stated my reason.


27. Momma, Umbrella for Rainy and Sunny Days, Be Happy Everyday


Umbrellas are for old people.
I personally don't use umbrella.

My Mom uses umbrella.
I bought her an umbrella.
It costs me around $45 for her umbrella.

The umbrella must be of good quality.
It has to really protect her from any storm.

My Mom once told me she wants an inverted umbrella.
I just bought it for her too.

Umbrella is important.
Use umbrella to attack bad guys, Mom
Hang the umbrella onto your wrist, so you can take my calls.

How yo doin' Ma?