23. Being Proud of the Socks


Soccer socks are the best. They cover my legs. They are warm. They won't reveal my legs accidentally.


Just, why did you want to see my legs again? Are you in love with me because of my physical appearance or my personality?

shshshshst, no talking. I don't want you already. I want someone whom I can talk to, who would love me because of my personality. I can get old, wrinkly and shabby and cranky all the time. But, if you love me, you won't complain and deal with them like a cool dude. If you love me, you would always think I am beautiful no matter how ruined my body / face would be when I am over 100 of age.

I don't want your "YES I DO" now.
I don't want your "YES I DO" 100 years later.
I want your "YES I DO" now and forever and ever.

Darling, this is too fast. Please bear with me, and I will love you for who you are.
Me: This is a start. If you fail from the beginning, what's the point in proceeding to the next step?
OKAY, Now and Forever, I will be... YOUR MAN
Me: I still won't show you my legs, my man. I've stated my reason.


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