90. The New Level of Mix and Match


When your trousers is too old, the upper inner seam gets thinner. Priyanka showed us one way to keep using your favourite trousers by combining it with a matching short skirt. She trimmed the short skirt diagonally, and looked trendier than ever.

That might be a new pants that she bought from her favourite store,
but the idea of combining pants and skirt is interesting.

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89. Becoming Famous Only By Roaming The Street with Style


  • Ponytail hairstyle
  • Blue sunglasses to protect eyes from the sun
  • Bright golden tee with blue stripes
  • Blue jeans
  • Pointy shoes with golden and blue stripes
  • Red lipstick

Lessons learned:
  • Use two (to three) colours for your look
  • Plain shirts are great, if it's too bright, use a touch of the other colour to match it.
    Priyanka used bright golden colour with a little touch of blue (from the blue jeans).
  • Always pick bright colours; Priyanka didn't use gold coloured / blue coloured lipstick. She used red colour, to match the blue colour from her jeans. Furthermore, red colour also matches golden colour at the same time.

Stand out from the crowd

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88. I Will Go to A Party Looking Like This


  • She only used two jewelries, bracelets and earrings, which wasn't too much
    She could've used nose earrings, and necklace, but she didn't. She was confident, she was gracious, she was sophisticated.
  • Her clothes swung pretty when she walked, it's also in symmetry (between left and right).
    I may want to have a symmetry front and back too, but it would ruin the look. I mean the front section wasn't too short that it became a belly-umbrella, so I'd tolerate this.
  • I normally said braid was the way to go, but this time, her hair was just perfect. I didn't think it could go any better.


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87. Stealing Black Tank Top with Printed Shirt From You


  • Notice it's pyjama-like, with middle-sleeves.
  • She doesn't use high-heels, which means I can easily copy her look.
  • Great use of tank tops, to cover low cut shirt (deep V-neck).
  • Nice combination with printed shirt, which has become tie-dye shirt now.
  • Jeans are great for anything, so this look is magnificent, stylish, and signifies sophistication.
  • She doesn't even carry a bag, so it means, she hid money and mobile phones somewhere in her pockets. This is so practical, simple, yet elegant.

Thumbs Up !!!

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86. Dyed Pyjamas


The material is interesting in its way. It's not printed but dyed, which makes it so special. I don't think the style matters so much, beause it looks like the model is using suits, or pyjama. I guess there might be a lot more of other applications like trousers, skirts, jackets, hats, bags, scarves, etc that use this method.

I'm not sure as to whether it's a black cloth under the dyes, or it's filtered dyes under black dye. It's really showing skills on the cloth makings, rather than skills on sewing or skills on designing the clothes.

I truly think this is a nice progress, but I want to see more development, like if this style evolves into a must-have item later.

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85. Unique Stylish Jacket To Show My Curve


Leather can stand against winds
If you travel by motorbike, this jacket protects you with style.

The belt gives a unique look towards the jacket
The two belts shape the jacket, adjusting to your body curves.

Two side pockets to save your keys, and cards, and phones.

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84. You Don't Have to Come to My Wedding


The trend states that in 2018:
  • People love local flowers which is friendlier to the budget
  • They prefer undone bouquet
  • Invitations are informal, with wedding itineraries
  • The cakes are buttercream with different colour choices and patterns, not fondant cakes anymore
  • Dresses will follow traditions, with capes and crepes
  • Served food would be in food stations, not buffet or family-style dinners

You can do whatever you like, but my wedding, would be:
  • Using local flowers too, without roses, and full of pink flowers everywhere
  • Yes, I agree that I would also use undone bouquet with lots of green leaves (as I actually love the leaves, not the flowers)
  • Invitations would be a book, sharing our romantic story to everyone, with a thank you gift (I want it to have a small jade stone to replace the ribbon, but it's too expensive) in advance so they don't need to come to our wedding party if they're too busy
  • Cakes should be replaced with fruits and gifts, so we're actually opening the gifts and sharing the fruits to everyone at the wedding
  • Dresses will also follow traditions, where I'd use my Mom's long sleeves laced dress with pink ribbon
  • Served food will still be family-style, because I want everybody to see a theatrical stage performances related to my relationship with my partner

Yes, I'm so proud of my partner
I will cherish our marriage from that day forward

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83. Alternative Bag to Office


Article reference:
Keplinco - Tote Bag

  • The bag has great colour choices

  • You can carry paperwork in that bag, because of it's rectangular design

  • There's a ribbon that sweetens the look.
    You can also tie your own shawl to the handle, and easily wear the shawl whenever you feel like it (while the ribbon stays there sweetly).

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82. Bow Tie Pants For Me, Capri Pants For The Confident You


I know I'm not confident showing my legs, but I've always felt that Capri pants look good on people. I even use Capri pants to sleep all the time.

This pants look relaxing. The colour is calming too. I love how the designer puts stretchy band on the waist because you won't know when your waist grow bigger, or when your diet starts to work.
I would prefer the pants on the right as it is longer. Besides, it's so unique and kinda prettify my feet with its bow tie.

The colour is tan, very soothing and it would look alright with any colour. At least there are more colours for my top that I can choose from, rather than having a random red coloured or purple coloured pants.

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81. Let's Go to A Horse Racing Event


There's a touch of wood leather in that and the pattern is delicate. If you see the model, she doesn't even use any other prints in her look. She came out plain and simple, yet she looked so elegant and stylish.

I guess printed clothes are great in a way, but plain clothes are more useful.

If you think about it again, people may remember you from the last printed clothes you wore, but wearing the same plain clothes again with different coloured pants may not mean the same.

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80. Rather Than Changing Tops, How About Changing Bottoms Instead?


She used two-coloured tone, pretty much, green (or teal) and pink. The top was so unique in that it had a waistband to come along.

I think this is interesting, since you can use any kind of shirt inside, because there's a blazer to finish the look.

Printed pants seem to be in fashion nowadays, as I see more and more people wear them. As long as you wear plain shirt, it doesn't matter which colour you chose to match the pants, the shine's just there.
Do you remember, when we used to change our tops, to match our jeans? Do you think that maybe, just maybe, we change our pants everyday now, over the same plain tops?

I love how the designer used flowery pattern, because it helps cheer up the day for me. Furthermore, I love how this is going, now that I've seen printed pants to go with plain shirts, I kinda think that pants that are plain without prints are boring.

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79. Showing Up Elegant Without A Clue


It seems that she's using the same prints for her top and bottom. The top part has a more dominant prints though, and it's showing a very bright colour; crimson and white. The black colour emphasises the prints, giving it an elegant touch.

If you notice, the bottom part is using the same colour as the top (the lighter part), with the same print pattern. I wonder if this is a pair prepared by the designer, not a mix-match pair.

It's elegantly feminine, and I would use this pair to go to office today. I would be the centre of attention accidentally without even trying.


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78. Dress Not to Steal But to Impress


I kinda like Victoria Beckham's style. The design for this dress is unique, and I love the colour too.

Going for vertical stripes can make you look thinner. And I would maybe use straight slim-fit pants (either jeans or black) to cover my legs, and I still look fantastic.

This is a definite choice for me.

The belt accent nails the look, and I would use this dress for an evening party.

This dress is a bit old-school, yet if you combine it with boots, you'll look pretty all the same.

I'd combine it with a shiny thigh-high boots just because I can.

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77. Looking At You, Zachary Prell


It's like jeans, but a phone case.

Looking at this phone case, I imagine a guy in his mid-thirties, wearing a suit, very successful businessman.

Want It Like Crazy!!! (shrieking)

The colour matches my look, it's gray... Dark gray...

I'm macho, fashionable, elegant, to the max!


This phone case is unique and stylish.

I imagine the guy might be in his mid twenties, come from a very rich family, because he's so successful in his young age.

Also not bad!

I imagine the guy could be someone who's very interesting, fun, and outgoing.

I'd love to have him around me, to cheer my day.

It's unique. I love it! My imagination runs wild uncontrollably.

The guy could be someone who's very hardworking, unique, still very young.

He might go to a reputable university, getting good scores, and his Dad loves him, and have great hopes in him.

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