42. I Love My Original Skin Colour And Ready To Live Alone For It


Do you wish to have lighter skin colour, or darker skin colour?

I'm confident about myself; God created me so unique that I won't change a thing. Changing skins just to win friends, or to gain recognition among societies may benefit us in some way, but they're all fake.

There was this story about a guy who married a beautiful girl. It turned out that this beautiful girl underwent plastic surgeries before. Their children were all very ugly. Plastic surgeries don't change DNAs, and finally, the guy filed for divorce. This girl must live as a widow for her entire life, and a court case of love deception waiting for her.

It's really your choice to end up with injection addiction like Michael Jackson.

I prefer to be ignorant, live happily and die peacefully, to a painful life guarded by physicians 24/7. I am fine if everybody finds that I am that ugly duckling, that they'd leave me alone for the rest of my life. I'd have a short, quiet life some people can't have. Furthermore, my haters won't increase by the end of my time.


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