46. Perfume vs Deodorant vs Body Lotion


I never use perfume.

If you use perfume or deodorant instead, try not using any for a day. You'd see a very big difference with the odour. This is where you'd get addicted to a perfume / deodorant. Hence, I use body lotion.

There are so many body lotions out there, with so many variants. Pick a body lotion that can protect your skin against the sun. SPF 15 is insufficient, so you'd have to go for at least SPF 70 UVA / UVB.

I'm not sure if you want to change your skin, but picking a water based body lotion won't harm you. I mean, you don't want to see your skins get rejuvenated, or moisturised, and those previously non-existent acne emerges without reason, right?

That is so silly

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