47. Can We Braid All Hairs? So Everything is Neat and Tidy, Not Out of Place – We Might Accidentally Pinch Ourselves


Do you shave? I don't.

It's just more efficient, in terms of energy, time and money. God gives everyone of us hairs at our private areas, what's not to like? It's there for a purpose.


Underarm hairs are there to help absorb any excess sweat. Hairs under there serve as a guard, so boys need to go through the bushes, trees, even fight with the dragons in order to reach us.

This sounds more like Rapunzel story.
I guess the author gets the idea from this parable.
I wonder what his wife looks like

Don't hate me for my hairs, boys
Let me give you love, boys

Hate me for a reason,
Let the reason not be hairs


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