49. How to Fold Your Clothes Better To Fit More Clothes in The Same Space


I'll just say upright, I don't fully agree with Kon Mari's way to fold your clothes. If you compare the space available and the number of clothes you can put in, the Kon Mari's way needs more space to fit in the same amount of clothes.

I like to do it this way:

This is the same for underwear, sweater, and tank top. For trousers, I like to fold it so that the mid line on both legs come together. This way, you still keep the sleek look after ironing, while folding it nicely. You don't have to fold three ways vertically for pants and socks because you can just insert the end to the cuff right away. Then, I choose to hang all bras rather than fold them.

I understand that using smaller fold can result to a firmer fold, but smaller fold occupies more space. For that reason, I use a wider fold, so one clothes can fit in less space (read: thinner fold). You just need to pile the clothes, not line them up.

Notice that I slip the end fold inward; if you slam that clothes fold to the floor, it will still stay that way. Just pick it up, and put it on the pile again nicely.


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