54. I Just Have Hairy - Massive - Muscled Calves, I Feel Shy


I'm not so sure about the legs. This is what causes "leg expert" to categorise legs into several different types: small calves, medium calves, big calves. Also with short leg, medium leg, and long leg. Why do you want others (some strangers) to scrutinise and explore your legs? I mean it's knowledge, fine, but I'd rather have my leg shape be my secret.

Also, it feels like you're unsure about whether to show the legs (with short skirt / short pants) or to cover the legs (with long dress / trousers).

I know this summer is hot. But you could just put a mini fan inside the dress, not opening your legs so wide, to show you're sexy... I mean, it's too much, and it's not showing how gorgeous you are. It's more to how everybody looks at you and how much everybody wants to grab you, and do you stupid right there at that moment.

Why would you want that in public? Also, when you're promoting a bedroom dress, it's not even fit for the occasion. I mean, how big is your bedroom to want to wear that dress and walk around?

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