55. Not Liking You, Whites


White means clean. If you wear white, you are forced to take the responsibility to be high class, to keep the clothes clean. Now, accidents happen. What if ?

I prefer another colour to white, so I can look high class (it's all about habit and how we carry ourselves in public), and never have embarrassing moments.

What if there's no toilet, you look and look, and when you finally find it, it's too late you've peed a little inside? You'll not only be dirty and yellowish, but also smelly.

What if you fell down to a dirty wet ground (well, and peed yourself)? What if you sit in an invisible water puddle (and peed yourself)? What if someone spill ice cream to your clothes (or pants in this case)? What if you meet your enemy and they decided to "accidentally" pour spaghetti to your clothes (or pants in this case)? What if... Ugh, there are so many ifs.

Well, at least white is easy to clean (by bleach) Shooting you in the face
Then, you won't have new clothes You shoot, I take cover
Yes, saving my money Stabbing you through your cover now
Yes, becoming boring because you're not trendy looking I move to the side. You can't get me
Well, too bad. This is timeless fashion item I'm following your move, slitting you from the side
speechless... (well, just be careful then if that's your choice) (flopping for help)

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