58. Nothing For Me Here...


Not a nice bra. Bra is supposed to push the "two mountains" up, not supporting and letting them flow nicely. wtf?

Bra is better, but still, a thousand times NO. The underpants is too thigh-high. You want me to slip on my own underpants? How would it look like when I'm in my full attire? The crotch part can ride upstairs, YOU.

Not again with the underpants, and what's with the low line on the bra? My boob can peek through in between the bra line. Nobody understands my wriggling movement. [sigh heavily]

It's so difficult not to focus on that pointy thing on that displayed bra. It may grip my boobs quite firm, but not tight. I guess, it might be safe, but my pointy things (my nipply-s) become visible from the outside. NO.

Oh oh, this might be safe, but my pointy things (my nipply-s, again) become visible from the outside too...

My boobs are left dangling inside... Also, my tummy comes out dangling too. [sigh] Everything is dangling from my body, I don't like it. It's heavy.

I think the underpants hide my curls beautifully. I just want one more thing; to make 'that' part not speeding upstairs. For the bra, I think you all know that it's missing here. Nothing to say.

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