60. Wear Long Pants Everywhere, Perfect Everytime, Even to The Beach


This is a short with a touch of half-buttocks dangling.

I guess, if you feel that's sexy, I have an idea, to also treat your boobs as buttocks, so you won't need a bra to hold the boobs high. Bra is expensive.

Because buttocks stay that way, boobs doesn't.

Nerd who still thinks he/she's a kid. Let me guess, Momma all the time, huh?

Well, me too. But this isn't about me, okay. I'm different. You'll see.

It feels like it's supposed to be underwear for boys? Ah, maybe Lolita used it?

This is just too cute for a woman. Imagine your Mom wears it. It's too inappropriate for a lady.

Nice only for standing. If you sit using this shorts, I guess, men next to you would want more. They'd glanced at your thigh once in a while.

I meant all men, including old men and little boys.

The fabric looks nice, but I guess when you're standing on the stair railings, everyone below would see your legs through that darkness.

It's unsafe, and not comfortable at times.

This shorts looks neat. However, I wonder what kind of shoes to wear with this kind of pants?

I'd look silly and weird no matter what, especially with long socks.

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