64. Wanna Know My Shield? Carton Box


Heavy on the neck !!!

The bullies will know the exact place to pinch playfully !!!
I normally wear shield inside. Now I can't anymore.


I'm not IT !!!

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63. What's Missing: Jessica Chastain


If I were to copy Jessica Chastain's look:
  1. I want to braid my hair
    Jessica Chastain's hair is too plain

  2. I'd also like a necklace and a bracelet / wrist watch

  3. I'll definitely use long-sleeves undershirt for this clothes.
    I'm used to middle-sleeves / long-sleeves
    Furthermore, I'm a non-shaver person

  4. If I have the freedom to make modifications, I'll ask the designer to make it middle-sleeves.

  5. Not liking the boots, so I would go with other shoes.
    ANY other shoes. You give me the options, I choose.
    I'm not a designer.

  6. Maybe a bag? I notice it's missing a bag.
    There should be at least a mobile phone
    I need to blog with my phone [wink]

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62. I Was Expecting Man's Suites


She said, "Let's fight. Here. Now. You and Me. C'mon."

I answered, "Let's not. You look shiny, I can't see you. I'm only the Black Pete. World Peace."

She said, "I hate you to drag me here. I was in the shower!!! I haven't even ironed my dress!!!"

I answered, "The show is about to start, you sleepy head!!!"

She said, "Hahaha, I made it. Hahaha"

I answered, "Oh, you're just drunk, you think you're a broken angel. Look at your furs... You're a mess."

She said, "I'm bathing, then my phone rang, then I came out of the bathroom to get the phone. Then I am suddenly here. Let's just pose instead. There, camera."

I answered nothing.

She said, "I'm here to represent all the fire fighters in the world. They are our hero! Cheers!!!"

I said, "... yea, never mind..."

She said, "I've always had a bad taste in fashion before. How about this one, is this okay?"

I answered, "mmm... What is that protruding from your stomach? You don't have to explain. I'm good."


"Just curious though, are you a male, by any chance?"

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61. Swimwear That Creates Panic


Swimwear expands a bit when we go into the water. The boobs might peek. I swim because I want to exercise, not showing off my boobs, or pose for magazines. Models do it because they get a lot of money, and the company needs to advertise their product. We're doing the pose for free? Are you kidding me?

One more thing, I'm not shaving! I meant everything!

If you swim in a crowded beach, guys can crowd you, and "touch you accidentally", and your swimsuit reveals everything you have. Ow, how happy they would be.

Maybe you think it's a nice feeling, getting raped like that? We're not compatible! You're freak!

I need the straps please. I might go taller, and this swimwear might just be high-waist short pants. I might stretch my body in the water too.

This swimsuit is simply inappropriate.

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