68. Be Gracious to Me for I Have Sinned



I beg your pardon. I don't feel good.

I won't remove the posts, but instead of criticising everybody, and become public enemies, I'll show you several of my choices (or possible options) considering my limited physique.

67. Predicting The Future Through Wedding Ring


There might be a big mole in the marriage.

Look! Look! Look! A pointy one, too!

There's a reason why we use a ring for weddings. It means that our love knows no end, because a ring is of circle in shape and there's no way to know the end point.

This one looks like a snake, the love may be a confusing one, and there's an end to it. We might as well just end it here without marriage.

The love was very flowery, and you'll see a lot of threesomes, and foursomes.

I thought this was supposed to be a one-to-one relationship?!


Moles everywhere?

One mole is big and pink?


Like, not enough signal or something?

I'm at lost here, will you cut communication after we got married? Like, why?

It feels like you only want something, and after we [you know], you'd just go away... So cold and lonely here. Please, don't.

I meant don't marry me. I feel sorry for myself that I know you.

Seriously, jaggies?

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66. Introducing Banshee with Medusa Hair


Selena looks different here. She looks a bit pale, like a banshee with Medusa hair. Looking different with make up is a good thing; it means that the make up artist is successful in making up the face (either to look prettier, or not).

I also feel (yes, feel, I'm saving myself here) that she's pregnant here. The dress is too loose for her, and the "two mountains" weren't guarded properly too.

This is a fail moment.
Look at the other guys on the background.
They ignored her, haha

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65. Me Two Mountains Need To Be Proud (Humbly Of Course)


I still need the straps.
Bra is supposed to push the "two mountains" up, not supporting and letting them flow nicely.
Without straps, my "two mountains" lay too low. With straps, my "two mountains" proudly presents.

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