69. Not My Kind of Summer Skirt, It's My Kind of Skirt For All Seasons


I'd prefer this midi skirt because the print looks foreign and pink. It really gives a touch of kimono to the skirt.

Midi skirt isn't too short that it shows too much skin, and not too long that the skirt sweeps the floor, just the right size.

This midi skirt shows off my flat belly. I'd feel proud to wear this skirt after a very tight diet plan.

I may also put my phones and wallet in the front pockets too when I feel my confidence level is at peak. Otherwise, I can just rest my hands for a while in the pockets to emphasise my flat belly.

The floral print in this skirt gives a unique statement. The white flowers print is rare, since it can mean that it's not coloured properly.

I'd use this skirt to show that I'm a carefree person, and ready to fill my white flowers with your colours.

I love the colour and the ribbon accent on waist. I'd place the ribbon on my front-right waist, or on my back, for a more unique touch to my style.

I can use many different colours for my top, so the skirt can compliment my top, or be the focus of my look that day.

This skirt is very convenient. There are side pockets where I can go bag-less everywhere.

I imagine I can wear this on any occasions too; from a relaxed hang outs, or office luncheon events, given the right shoes.

This skirt is also very convenient and one of my favourites among the six midi skirts here.

The colour is complimenting the skin of any colours, besides giving a professional look to wear daily to the office.

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