77. Looking At You, Zachary Prell


It's like jeans, but a phone case.

Looking at this phone case, I imagine a guy in his mid-thirties, wearing a suit, very successful businessman.

Want It Like Crazy!!! (shrieking)

The colour matches my look, it's gray... Dark gray...

I'm macho, fashionable, elegant, to the max!


This phone case is unique and stylish.

I imagine the guy might be in his mid twenties, come from a very rich family, because he's so successful in his young age.

Also not bad!

I imagine the guy could be someone who's very interesting, fun, and outgoing.

I'd love to have him around me, to cheer my day.

It's unique. I love it! My imagination runs wild uncontrollably.

The guy could be someone who's very hardworking, unique, still very young.

He might go to a reputable university, getting good scores, and his Dad loves him, and have great hopes in him.

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76. Run Everywhere, Fun All The Time


Dad sneaker is all time favourite.

You can play around with how you tie your shoelaces, or choose a different colour for it to give a different look.

One point to note is that futuristic sneaker tends to have a certain colour that doesn't come that easy to pair.

The clothes should match the colour of the sneaker, and sometimes, you need more than one pair to go hang out, because you change your clothes, and bags, and hats, and a lot of other things.

For those of you who finds tying shoelaces is a waste of time, this velcro sneaker is one great alternative.

You can adjust the bands tighter or looser however you like it.

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75. Good Lookin' Boss Just Chillin'


Two coloured tone for the shirt gives a touch of softness and pretty looking.

I would wear this shirt to a family picnic, which normally requires a lot of activities.

The colour matches the sunlight too. You won't get the same look when you wear this shirt at night.

White always complements your skin (of any colours).

If the short sleeves reach my elbows, I think I might want to consider wearing this shirt.

I don't wear whites that often because white is a fragile colour.

It gets dirty easily, and when the detergent isn't right, the colour wears off and it becomes yellowish white or light gray, which is surely a different colour.

Plain shirt is simple. Red is a great colour too.

Pair it with jeans (short or long), and you're good to go anywhere, anytime.

This striped shirt is simple. I can also wear it during daylight.

It gives out a sense of calm and soft and gentle.

The colour of this shirt is soft but firm. It shows elegance in a unique way.

However, I'd always prefer to go for symmetrical print, because I like to keep everything neat and in order. Missing a pattern in either side gives me an itch.

I love this shirt the most.

The colour gives a cheerful look, very bright and extravagant.

I might wear this shirt to office too, with either jeans or any pair of trousers.

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74. She Chose Brown


Article reference:
Look of The Day: GIGI HADID

She was stunning with this printed dress. She was relaxed, yet still looked sophisticated with the dress. I'd do something with the hair, and used a different bag, but I'd definitely copy her look.

Her shoes were flat, so I'd probably try to use those slippers... I still prefer sneakers though. It's neat and won't show too much details of the legs (like feet fingers, I meant toes and stuff).

I wonder how she managed to match the printed dress with brown slippers. I could've used white, or green slippers, but brown somehow seems better.

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