75. Good Lookin' Boss Just Chillin'


Two coloured tone for the shirt gives a touch of softness and pretty looking.

I would wear this shirt to a family picnic, which normally requires a lot of activities.

The colour matches the sunlight too. You won't get the same look when you wear this shirt at night.

White always complements your skin (of any colours).

If the short sleeves reach my elbows, I think I might want to consider wearing this shirt.

I don't wear whites that often because white is a fragile colour.

It gets dirty easily, and when the detergent isn't right, the colour wears off and it becomes yellowish white or light gray, which is surely a different colour.

Plain shirt is simple. Red is a great colour too.

Pair it with jeans (short or long), and you're good to go anywhere, anytime.

This striped shirt is simple. I can also wear it during daylight.

It gives out a sense of calm and soft and gentle.

The colour of this shirt is soft but firm. It shows elegance in a unique way.

However, I'd always prefer to go for symmetrical print, because I like to keep everything neat and in order. Missing a pattern in either side gives me an itch.

I love this shirt the most.

The colour gives a cheerful look, very bright and extravagant.

I might wear this shirt to office too, with either jeans or any pair of trousers.

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