77. Looking At You, Zachary Prell


It's like jeans, but a phone case.

Looking at this phone case, I imagine a guy in his mid-thirties, wearing a suit, very successful businessman.

Want It Like Crazy!!! (shrieking)

The colour matches my look, it's gray... Dark gray...

I'm macho, fashionable, elegant, to the max!


This phone case is unique and stylish.

I imagine the guy might be in his mid twenties, come from a very rich family, because he's so successful in his young age.

Also not bad!

I imagine the guy could be someone who's very interesting, fun, and outgoing.

I'd love to have him around me, to cheer my day.

It's unique. I love it! My imagination runs wild uncontrollably.

The guy could be someone who's very hardworking, unique, still very young.

He might go to a reputable university, getting good scores, and his Dad loves him, and have great hopes in him.

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