86. Dyed Pyjamas


The material is interesting in its way. It's not printed but dyed, which makes it so special. I don't think the style matters so much, beause it looks like the model is using suits, or pyjama. I guess there might be a lot more of other applications like trousers, skirts, jackets, hats, bags, scarves, etc that use this method.

I'm not sure as to whether it's a black cloth under the dyes, or it's filtered dyes under black dye. It's really showing skills on the cloth makings, rather than skills on sewing or skills on designing the clothes.

I truly think this is a nice progress, but I want to see more development, like if this style evolves into a must-have item later.

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85. Unique Stylish Jacket To Show My Curve


Leather can stand against winds
If you travel by motorbike, this jacket protects you with style.

The belt gives a unique look towards the jacket
The two belts shape the jacket, adjusting to your body curves.

Two side pockets to save your keys, and cards, and phones.

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84. You Don't Have to Come to My Wedding


The trend states that in 2018:
  • People love local flowers which is friendlier to the budget
  • They prefer undone bouquet
  • Invitations are informal, with wedding itineraries
  • The cakes are buttercream with different colour choices and patterns, not fondant cakes anymore
  • Dresses will follow traditions, with capes and crepes
  • Served food would be in food stations, not buffet or family-style dinners

You can do whatever you like, but my wedding, would be:
  • Using local flowers too, without roses, and full of pink flowers everywhere
  • Yes, I agree that I would also use undone bouquet with lots of green leaves (as I actually love the leaves, not the flowers)
  • Invitations would be a book, sharing our romantic story to everyone, with a thank you gift (I want it to have a small jade stone to replace the ribbon, but it's too expensive) in advance so they don't need to come to our wedding party if they're too busy
  • Cakes should be replaced with fruits and gifts, so we're actually opening the gifts and sharing the fruits to everyone at the wedding
  • Dresses will also follow traditions, where I'd use my Mom's long sleeves laced dress with pink ribbon
  • Served food will still be family-style, because I want everybody to see a theatrical stage performances related to my relationship with my partner

Yes, I'm so proud of my partner
I will cherish our marriage from that day forward

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83. Alternative Bag to Office


Article reference:
Keplinco - Tote Bag

  • The bag has great colour choices

  • You can carry paperwork in that bag, because of it's rectangular design

  • There's a ribbon that sweetens the look.
    You can also tie your own shawl to the handle, and easily wear the shawl whenever you feel like it (while the ribbon stays there sweetly).

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