84. You Don't Have to Come to My Wedding


The trend states that in 2018:
  • People love local flowers which is friendlier to the budget
  • They prefer undone bouquet
  • Invitations are informal, with wedding itineraries
  • The cakes are buttercream with different colour choices and patterns, not fondant cakes anymore
  • Dresses will follow traditions, with capes and crepes
  • Served food would be in food stations, not buffet or family-style dinners

You can do whatever you like, but my wedding, would be:
  • Using local flowers too, without roses, and full of pink flowers everywhere
  • Yes, I agree that I would also use undone bouquet with lots of green leaves (as I actually love the leaves, not the flowers)
  • Invitations would be a book, sharing our romantic story to everyone, with a thank you gift (I want it to have a small jade stone to replace the ribbon, but it's too expensive) in advance so they don't need to come to our wedding party if they're too busy
  • Cakes should be replaced with fruits and gifts, so we're actually opening the gifts and sharing the fruits to everyone at the wedding
  • Dresses will also follow traditions, where I'd use my Mom's long sleeves laced dress with pink ribbon
  • Served food will still be family-style, because I want everybody to see a theatrical stage performances related to my relationship with my partner

Yes, I'm so proud of my partner
I will cherish our marriage from that day forward

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