89. Becoming Famous Only By Roaming The Street with Style


  • Ponytail hairstyle
  • Blue sunglasses to protect eyes from the sun
  • Bright golden tee with blue stripes
  • Blue jeans
  • Pointy shoes with golden and blue stripes
  • Red lipstick

Lessons learned:
  • Use two (to three) colours for your look
  • Plain shirts are great, if it's too bright, use a touch of the other colour to match it.
    Priyanka used bright golden colour with a little touch of blue (from the blue jeans).
  • Always pick bright colours; Priyanka didn't use gold coloured / blue coloured lipstick. She used red colour, to match the blue colour from her jeans. Furthermore, red colour also matches golden colour at the same time.

Stand out from the crowd

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