95. Perfect in Pink


I don't think I can wear the high heels. However, I like the pink outfit. It's long sleeves, it's also long pants, with a touch of style on the neck and waist.

If I feel like the sleeves or the pants too long, I can simply roll them up and look stylish all the same. Moreover, she only uses belt and earrings to accessorise her look.


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94. Durable Swim Trunks


The colour is unique, and doesn't get dirty easily.

In addition, there is a small pocket there, so we can take important keys or precious things to the pool.

Black matches any colour in general. Wearing black can give impression that you're thinner than you look with other colour pants.

Water adds weight to the pants, swim trunks with rubber waistband tends to become saggy pants underwater.

A mix of two colours waist tie pants gives flexibility to the wearer. Becoming fatter, or thinner isn't an issue anymore, because he can adjust the waist easily.

I think this is the best swim trunk of all three swim trunks displayed here.

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93. Fresh Idea to Go Swimming with Style


She used long jacket as cover up. I think it's a nice idea, it's uncommon (unique), and it doesn't reveal too much of her asset. I think that having a bit of mystery is another way of being sexy.

I don't think that you'll get people attracted to you, by opening everything for everyone to see. You'll be boring in no time. You just have to hide most parts, to let people get curious, and to let people feel that they can't get enough of you. Ever.

That's what makes you beautiful

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92. Touch It With Gold


I love how she also rolls up her sleeves this time. Moreover, her gold belt brought elegance to her look.

Gold stripes bring elegance, gold buckle in a belt brings elegance, gold frame in glasses brings elegance, everything becomes elegant with gold. A touch of gold can mean a touch of elegance.

Don't ask me why gold, or why elegance. Some things are better left unexplained.

Be careful though, too much of gold doesn't mean elegance, it's tacky.

Me, don't like.
You, how should I know?!

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91. Priyanka Chopra: Trendsetter Look


I love how she uses her jumpsuit. She rolls up her sleeves for style, I roll up my sleeves for convenience. Rolled-up sleeves makes working so much easier as the sleeves won't get dirty easily and ruin our look for the day (especially when we wear light coloured jumpsuit). Furthermore, when we need to wash our hands, we won't have to worry the sleeves might get wet.

For her green jumpsuit, I might add golden belt, or use white-striped ribbons / tassels on the cuffs, just to give a little accent to the clothes. In addition, I might braid my hair, just to get a younger look. I prefer girly look to mature look because I want to look young forever even if I'm 80 years old.

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