107. Cheers to Long Jacket


Long Jacket with Formal Attire

Long Jacket for Office

Long Jacket for Rainy Days

Long Jacket with Night Gown

Long Jacket with Skirt

Long Jacket to Party

Long Jacket to Wedding

Long Jacket with Nothing

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106. Unique Look with Elie Saab


Article reference:
Ellie Saab: Resort 2019

This jumpsuit is unique. Don't use jacket to cover the pits, but use middle-sleeves undershirt instead.

Use a dark coloured undershirt to wear with this jumpsuit, then a bow tie or scarf on the neck. I'd also use gold bracelet on my right hand, because I won't be bringing any purses or bags.

Since I can't wear high heels, I'd wear vantoufel to complete the look. This is the kind of clothes I like, but I find it difficult to match it with my style. There might be more than two colours I might use for this look. (sigh)

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105. A Nice Add to My Wardrobe


This sweater is see-through, but it can be gold when we use shiny undershirt. Again, it's long sleeves, and turtle neck design makes it awesome and convenient to wear.

I'd match it with a gold long sleeves undershirt, a pair of jeans (I don't use skirt), a boot (flat boot) and a backpack, then I'm off to college.

Wearing a gold chain belt might also be a good idea if I just wanna hang out or look girly. Surely I'd use cross body bag (I don't use tote bags and the likes) and sneakers (or flats or boots) to match the occasion.

I mean, I think I can also use this sweater to office given a suit pants and a briefcase...

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104. Sneakers By Jimmy Choo



This great sneakers are available in many colours, but I think the navy blue colour is the best. Grey colour might be great but it's lighter and stains easily. The navy blue colour is unique in its elegant way.

There are printed stars on the shoes, and they are blinking as you ride the wind with the shoes.

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